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Symmetry and Gallery Walls in Frederick, MD!

Sep 08 2016

Symmetry and Gallery Walls in Frederick, MD!

This week we have three incredible auctions taking place! Two auctions are located in Dallas and one in the Virginia/Maryland area. So no matter where you are, you’ll have no excuse to miss an auction this weekend!

I wanted to share with you my favorite finds from the auction in Frederick, Maryland on September 10. This home has a contemporary/modern feel to it. One of my favorite things about this home is all of  accent pieces that you’ll find here. To be more specific – the artwork in this home is to die for!!image1

Remember when I mentioned symmetry (and how much I LOVE it) a few blogs back? Well… this auction gives me my symmetrical fix for the rest of the year! This home also inspired me to share a popular home decor trend that I’m loving right now – Gallery Walls.

First, let’s discuss symmetry. This home has several pieces of art that just go hand-in-hand. Take these looks for example. My inspiration came from these Pinterest-worthy rooms that both have great use of symmetry with their artwork. My inspiration is on the top and the look you can create on the bottom! I love the look of stacking frames on top of each other behind your nightstand in the bedroom. This look also created vertical lines to your room to make your ceilings appear much taller than they really are. Also, I love the look of having a large focal point piece paired with squared, symmetrical frames. This is a great way to take up space on big, endless walls.image-2

Next up:  the Gallery Wall. Simply put: a gallery wall is a cohesive grouping of artwork, canvases, prints, photographs, and whatever you might want to group together. Here’s a fun guide on several different ways to create a gallery wall in your own home! Next to this info-graphic you’ll find ALL of the amazing artwork pieces that you can find in this home. Can you believe it? You can create your very first gallery wall all by visiting this one auction!

This is such a fun auction that you don’t want to miss out on. Hurry to get your accent pieces and artwork this weekend!