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Summer Auctions Recap

Sep 01 2016

Summer Auctions Recap

Can you believe it?? Summer is coming to a close and fall is right around the corner! After this holiday weekend, we’ll be in full swing with fall fever.

This summer has been a huge success with BAC. Our auctions are drawing people in from all across the U.S. and we’re so happy that our customers are finding furniture that they love. I want to recap everything that we’ve talked about in the last few weeks and remind you of some of my favorite blog posts and design ideas. Blog 5 DallasJPG

The first post I want to remind you of took place in Southlake, TX and highlighted so many wonderful seating choices. I absolutely loved this blog because I feel like this is a perfect example of what our auctions have to offer. This auction was a huge success and so many happy customers left with beautiful pieces of furniture. Here, I was able to show you a several chairs that can be mixed into a variety of different design styles – making it that much easier for you to decide which style you have!curtains high and wide

Next up is this auction from Austin, TX. This blog has some great information and tips on how to add height and depth to your room with curtains and color. Keep in mind that lighter colors and high-hung curtains brighten and expand any room! So if you’re working with a smaller room, make sure to keep this little diagram in the back of your mind. This auction also had one of my favorite decor techniques, mix and match. That’s the beauty of all of BAC’s auctions, you can find a way to mix and match pieces into your home that you’ve been searching for!

Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite auction to date. This home was located in Spring, TX  and had EVERYTHING. Confession: sometimes I cycle through the pictures just so I can look at this beautiful home and decor – even though I’ve seen it a million times!. My favorite part about this auction was all of the neutral tones used throughout. This auction was warm and inviting and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you again. living

So here we go! This fall we have some amazing auctions lined up for you. I promise to keep you in the loop and I won’t let you miss out on one single piece. I’m so happy you’ve been following us and we can’t wait for you to see what is to come!

Stay tuned,