Four Reasons to Attend a Model Furniture Auction

Feb 08 2019

Four Reasons to Attend a Model Furniture Auction

New experiences can be intimidating, but they can also be a blast! If you’ve seen or heard about live auctions before, but aren’t quite convinced they are for you, let us help! Keep reading for four reasons to attend a model furniture auction:

Great Deals

We mean really, really great deals. The model homes we auction have gorgeous furnishings waiting to be auctioned to you for amazing prices. Our auctions have no minimum bids, where some other auctions set high minimum bids!


One thing we always hear after our auctions are, “that was FUN!” We have to agree. All of our auctions see a lot of chatter, laughter and fun all around! Auctions are great events to attend with friends, family and neighbors. We believe the more the merrier!

Our Auctions are Fun, Fast and Organized!



We set up our auctions to go off without hitch, and that is what our staff members work to achieve day in and day out. Our live auctioneers run through around 100 lots an hour, ensuring you are back to your weekend activities as soon as possible! We value your time and work to create an environment where the auction can run as smoothly as possible.


We’ve been in the auction business since 1996! Our staff across the country strives to hold the most organized and efficient auction possible. One of our top priorities is a great experience for our customers, and we know that starts with an organized, well-thought-out auction day scenario.

If these four reasons aren’t enough, hopefully, the gorgeous furniture will entice you to attend one of our auctions. For a list of current auctions, please visit our Auction Listing page.