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Farmhouse Fresh Furnishings: Saturday Aug 27: Flower Mound, TX

Aug 25 2016

Farmhouse Fresh Furnishings: Saturday Aug 27: Flower Mound, TX

barstoolsTwo words for this auction: Farmhouse Fresh. If you are you looking to add pieces to your home that give it a farmhouse feel, don’t miss this auction!

Once again, this home is wonderfully decorated so this week I’ll be highlighting my absolute favorite furniture rooms and pieces in this home.

Let’s start with these amazing barstools. I love that these stools will fit nicely under your bar and you won’t have to worry about stubbing your toe or having a little one run into it when you aren’t looking. These stools are great match for any white kitchen with light, natural accents, but they’re so easy to work into a bold kitchen as well. bedroom

Next is this serene and calming bedroom. When you see this room, don’t you just want to say “ahhh”? Who would’t want to come home to a bedroom this peaceful every day?  This bed is truly one of a kind. Here’s an easy design tip: always try to place your bed on the opposite wall that you walk into the room from. So, the foot of your bed should be the closest thing to you when you enter – just like it is here. By doing this, you’ll allow your bed to become the focal point of the room and you can begin to build around it.


Now let’s focus our eyes on the accents in pieces. They’re all so subtle, but work themselves perfectly into the design. When choosing accent pieces for a calm bedroom theme, consider symmetry. For example: take a look at the lamps. I’m a sucker for a glass lamp in the bedroom. These lamps won’t distract you from the soft colors that are already filling the room. My favorite part of this room has to be the two lamps, placed on two matching cedar and white nightstands, at the same height. SYMMETRY! Isn’t it beautiful? I also love the watercolor prints that are placed symmetrically over the bed. These two pieces add just the right amount of color to this room while not becoming overwhelming.

Last, but not least: This Settee. WOW. If you don’t swipe this piece up, I will! If you have a little extra space in your bedroom, add a little settee just like this to that space. Or you can add something like this gorgeous full-length mirror. Mirrors add depth and density to your room and make it look larger – especially when the mirror is this size!   sette

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