Creative tips for the kids play room/media room!

Aug 11 2016

Creative tips for the kids play room/media room!

These auctions just keep getting better and better! I love seeing all of the different styles and such potential in these homes. This week’s auction is in Frisco, TX and you’re going to love what it has to offer.

One room in the home that I think is crucial to have is a dedicated space for the kids to play. Not only does this give YOU the opportunity to take a little break for yourself (I’m looking at you moms!) but it also allows your kids to have a space to store their toys and games all while learning the responsibility of cleaning up after themselves. By giving your kids a space of their own, they’ll have to learn how to keep it clean and tidy and how to clean up after themselves.

This week’s auction has so many fun seating arrangements that are perfect for a kids’ playroom/movie room! I love the idea of doubling this room in your home as a movie room because as we all know, kids turn into teenagers who turn into young adults and need a space that can grow up with them!Frisco, TX JPG

The first look I’ve chosen is geared a little more toward a movie room. This huge sectional is perfect for your teenagers to crash on and to have all of their friends come over. I recommend placing a big square or round coffee table with this piece because you won’t be able to control who’s dirty feet end up here! I also placed these fun bar stools here if you have the space for a bar/popcorn and candy station in this room. Make sure to keep the colors cool and calm. You’ll want this room to feel relaxing for the big show!

The second look is tailored more toward your younger kiddos. This room is fun and has lots of seating for coloring and play time! Include lots of baskets and poufs in this room that your kids can play on. I love fun orange and grays in this room because it keeps it gender neutral. I can promise that your little boy won’t say “eww gross!” when he sees this room and you won’t have to worry about your girls saying ” it has cooties!!!”

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