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Mar 13 2020

COVID-19 Alert

Dear Valued BAC Customer,

BAC values the health and safety of our employees, clients, and customers above all. We believe it pertinent to acknowledge the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation and update you on how Builders Auction Company is taking necessary precautions.

We are continuously monitoring the news regarding COVID-19 released by organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). As a result, we will be adjusting our auction procedures according to the current guidelines surrounding the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. At certain auctions, if crowding is apparent, we will limit the number of attendees at our auctions. Where possible, auctions will be held outside. To keep yourself, our staff members and your communities safe, please follow these guidelines:

● Stay home if you are feeling sick. The CDC offers guidance for those feeling sick.
● To reduce crowding, we will ask any non-registered bidders to leave prior to the auction. If you are in a group, please choose one bidding representative to stay for the auction.

● Refrain from bringing children to upcoming auctions.
● Where possible, auctions will be held outside. Please plan accordingly.
● Stay home if you think you may have come into contact with COVID-19.
● Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for over 20 seconds.
● Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
● Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze then discard the tissue. If a tissue is unavailable, use the inside of your elbow.

We plan to continue to review and expand these measures as we learn more from the WHO, CDC, and local health officials. BAC is committed to keeping our employees, clients, and customers safe and healthy. For further information on COVID-19, please visit the official CDC website.

Thank you for your business and understanding.

Best regards,

Bruce Sutter
Builders Auction Company

May 27 2020

Online Auction Process

We welcome you to our new online auction process! We want to walk you through the online auction process from start to finish! Follow these steps and you will be registered for the correct auction and ready to begin bidding: 

  1. Click the following bold link to visit our: Builders Auction Company HiBid PageYou will return to this link (where you registered) for live bidding beginning at 5 PM on Thursday and closing at 10 AM on Saturday.
  2. Choose your correct, local auction. We do NOT OFFER SHIPPING! You must be able to pick up your items on the designated item pick up day or receive a local contracted delivery. See below for an example of how you can identify the location of your local auction on HiBid. 

  1. Once you have identified your local auction, please read through ALL auction details. This will provide you information such as terms and conditions, pickup details, and more! 

  1. Once you have identified your local auction and thoroughly reviewed all auction details, then you will proceed to register for the auction. ​You will need a credit or debit card to register. The card you choose to register with will be automatically charged with any and all winning bids at the close of the auction. ​See below for the registration process through a series of screenshots.

Step 1: Enter a valid email address that you check often. This is where all bid and invoice information will be sent. 

Step 2: Enter valid and current account information. 

Step 3: Enter a valid credit card that will be charged for any winning bids.

  1. Once you have successfully registered, you should receive an email. Once bidding opens you will be able to place bid on all items for your local online auction! You will do so by clicking on bid under any desired items in the catalog and deciding your price.
  1. After the close of the auction, which takes place on Saturdays at 10:00 A.M., if you are the winning bidder for any items you will receive an invoice with pickup and delivery options to the email you registered with! Please be sure to check your junk/spam folder if this email does not arrive in your inbox.Sign up and prepare for your curbside item pickup! **Unless you’ve contracted a delivery, you MUST pick up your item on the designated pick up day with your chosen time slot. ** See below for an example of an invoice email.

Thanks for bidding! Please see the attached PDF for your purchase invoice.

To pick up your items:

  • Sign up for a pickup slot between 1-6 P.M. on _______ : (the link provided will lead you to a signup sheet).
  • Arrive at the model during your scheduled pickup time and remain in your vehicle until you are approached by a staff member.
  • You will give the staff member your invoice number and show your ID then your purchased items will be brought to your vehicle. **To limit contact, please open the trunk or door of your car so staff members can easily place items in your vehicle.**

To contract a local delivery:

  • If you would like to arrange for movers to deliver your purchases, contracted delivery information will be provided here. No shipping options available.

Model Address: 1234 Example Lane, Houston, Texas 12345 in the Builders Auction Community

For more information, please visit bacauctions.com. Contact [email protected] with any questions or issues.

Visit our FAQ page for any more questions and happy bidding!

Oct 22 2019

Tips for First-Time Auction Attendees

tips for first time auction attendees graphic

Attending your first auction can be stressful. Walking into a new environment where it seems everyone else knows the drill can be tough. With a few simple tips, you’ll be ready to rock your first auction! 

Use the Preview Time

Between our Friday night preview and auction morning, we host four hours of preview time. This is time for all guests to check out all of the items up for auction. Using the preview time to view all of the items you’re interested in will best prepare you for the live auction.  

Know Your Numbers 

Each item up for auction is adorned with a numbered tag that corresponds to an auction catalog. This catalog is the auctioneer’s guide once the auction begins. As you are browsing items during the preview, take note of the numbers of the items that pique your interest. Noting those numbers will keep you organized and prepared to bid on all of the items you are interested in. 

Arrive with Ample Time 

Our auctions can get busy! Arriving early enough on auction day to browse, register to bid and secure a favorable spot will enhance your overall experience. Our auctioneers are always punctual and begin as advertised. With an early arrival, you are ensured enough time to browse the items, ask any questions and settle in before the auction begins. 

Ask Questions 

Our highly-trained staff members are willing and ready to help! Do not hesitate to ask any questions. We strive to create the best possible experience for our guests. Any of our staff members would be happy to answer your questions or direct you to another staff member for the best answer. 

With these tips, you are more than ready to attend one of our auctions! For information on upcoming auctions, visit our Upcoming Auctions page. We will see you at an auction soon!

May 13 2019

Four Easy Ways to Spruce Up an Old Space

If you’ve been contemplating some home improvements, now is the time!  Luckily, it’s easy to spruce up your old spaces. You don’t need a ton of time or money to add a little life into an old space. Here are five easy ways to spruce up an old space:

  1.  Add some color

One of the best ways to brighten a room is to add a pop of color. If your rooms already have pops of color, switch it up! This can be as simple as a colorful rug or vase. If your walls and furniture are neutral colors, small pops of color will make a big difference in the room.

adding a pop of color can brighten your space

  1.  Artwork

Not only is artwork easy on the eyes, but it’s also a form of expression. By choosing the artwork you enjoy, it adds an element of your personality into any room. Depending on the room and your style, the artwork can complement your current furniture and decorations or serve as the pop of color you need. If you really want to spruce up your spaces, choose artwork and design the room around it.

  1. Statement Furniture Piece

Staring at a room but not sure what it needs? Try incorporating a statement furniture piece into a room that needs a change. Furniture that can serve as the focal point of a room can give an old room a new feel. For inspiration, check out this Elle Decor article showcasing statement-making accent chairs.

  1. New Pillows and Blankets

Since purchasing a new couch may not fall under the category of easy, pillows and blankets will do! Adding a new accent pillow or blanket to an old couch or chair gives any room a fresh look. Pillows and blankets are also a simple way to incorporate additional color and texture into a room.

If you are looking to easily spruce up areas of your home, sign up for free email notifications to BAC Model Home Furniture Auctions in your area! BAC auctions offer gorgeous, nearly-new furniture at affordable prices.

Feb 22 2019

Newly Finished Basement… Now What?

The time has finally come… your basement is finished! It’s time to decorate your basement and add value to your home. The possibilities are endless. Are you looking for more storage? Guest space? Entertainment space? With the right furniture and accessories, you can turn your basement into the room you’ve always dreamed of.

Craft and Storage Area

Are you a scrapbooker? Pinterest crafter? A finished basement is a great place for a craft room and additional storage area. A new, large area in your home allows room for shelving, storage unit and functional furniture to fit all of your crafting needs. Check out these craft room ideas from Sebring Design for inspiration.

basement space

Family Fun Room

Your family will never have too much room, that’s for sure! Creating a family-friendly area is a way to bring your family together and give your children additional space. Imagine your family with a space created entirely for fun and bonding time. A large TV for movie screenings a big or a huge table for family game night, both can make the family fun room come to life.

Entertainment Area

Do you enjoy being the host of the party? A basement is a great place to hold functions for family and friends. With room for a bar, tables and couches, it’s the perfect place to host all of your parties. HGTV has innovative design ideas for how to make your bar fit your style and space, check out their article showcasing basement bar ideas and pictures.

These ideas should spark your creativity and help you create the most functional theme for your basement! Looking for furniture and accessories to make it happen? Check out Builders Auction Company or model home furniture auctions in your area.

Feb 08 2019

Four Reasons to Attend a Model Furniture Auction

New experiences can be intimidating, but they can also be a blast! If you’ve seen or heard about live auctions before, but aren’t quite convinced they are for you, let us help! Keep reading for four reasons to attend a model furniture auction:

Great Deals

We mean really, really great deals. The model homes we auction have gorgeous furnishings waiting to be auctioned to you for amazing prices. Our auctions have no minimum bids, where some other auctions set high minimum bids!


One thing we always hear after our auctions are, “that was FUN!” We have to agree. All of our auctions see a lot of chatter, laughter and fun all around! Auctions are great events to attend with friends, family and neighbors. We believe the more the merrier!

Our Auctions are Fun, Fast and Organized!



We set up our auctions to go off without hitch, and that is what our staff members work to achieve day in and day out. Our live auctioneers run through around 100 lots an hour, ensuring you are back to your weekend activities as soon as possible! We value your time and work to create an environment where the auction can run as smoothly as possible.


We’ve been in the auction business since 1996! Our staff across the country strives to hold the most organized and efficient auction possible. One of our top priorities is a great experience for our customers, and we know that starts with an organized, well-thought-out auction day scenario.

If these four reasons aren’t enough, hopefully, the gorgeous furniture will entice you to attend one of our auctions. For a list of current auctions, please visit our Auction Listing page.

Sep 23 2016

Bring Fall Indoors With BAC

One small blink, and fall is here! I absolutely love fall. I am so inspired by the colors and the cool crisp air.

What better way to celebrate fall’s homecoming than to bring those colors and that cool, crisp air indoors! I promise you won’t have to re-do your whole house to do this. All it takes is a few accent pieces, and where better to find accent pieces? Our auctions! One of the best things about our auctions is that you can find so many “little touches” for your home.

Here are three great looks to add to your home this fall, no matter what style you have!

If your home is modern and you see more grey and white accents, this first look is perfect for you! When choosing fall throws, keep them as close to the theme of your room as possible so you can re-use them year after year. You can also find a ladder like this to hang and display your throws on. This is a great way to fill empty space, and add color. Add small pops of color in your wreaths and candlesticks – I am LOVING these LED candles! They’re a must-have for this fall. blog-13

The second look is perfect for all who love color. Orange is the staple color for fall, so why not embrace it? I love incorporating fruit into fall looks because of their rich color. Fruits like oranges, pears, and pomegranates are so easy to add around the house for a pop of color. Throw some fruit in a bowl on your dining table or get crafty and whip up a magnolia wreath with oranges for a show stopper entry way!

Lastly, this look is great for those who like their home to stay within the neutral tan and brown tones. Find a muted color that you are comfortable with (like this wine-colored antler pillow) and subtle work it into your theme. I love the fact that this throw and cream pillow can be used year-round!

Upgrade your home this fall with these easy looks! You won’t break the bank and you’ll be bringing the fall indoors. And of course – don’t forget to keep and eye on our auctions page this fall. We have so many great homes coming up that you won’t want to miss!

Aug 11 2016

Creative tips for the kids play room/media room!

These auctions just keep getting better and better! I love seeing all of the different styles and such potential in these homes. This week’s auction is in Frisco, TX and you’re going to love what it has to offer.

One room in the home that I think is crucial to have is a dedicated space for the kids to play. Not only does this give YOU the opportunity to take a little break for yourself (I’m looking at you moms!) but it also allows your kids to have a space to store their toys and games all while learning the responsibility of cleaning up after themselves. By giving your kids a space of their own, they’ll have to learn how to keep it clean and tidy and how to clean up after themselves.

This week’s auction has so many fun seating arrangements that are perfect for a kids’ playroom/movie room! I love the idea of doubling this room in your home as a movie room because as we all know, kids turn into teenagers who turn into young adults and need a space that can grow up with them!Frisco, TX JPG

The first look I’ve chosen is geared a little more toward a movie room. This huge sectional is perfect for your teenagers to crash on and to have all of their friends come over. I recommend placing a big square or round coffee table with this piece because you won’t be able to control who’s dirty feet end up here! I also placed these fun bar stools here if you have the space for a bar/popcorn and candy station in this room. Make sure to keep the colors cool and calm. You’ll want this room to feel relaxing for the big show!

The second look is tailored more toward your younger kiddos. This room is fun and has lots of seating for coloring and play time! Include lots of baskets and poufs in this room that your kids can play on. I love fun orange and grays in this room because it keeps it gender neutral. I can promise that your little boy won’t say “eww gross!” when he sees this room and you won’t have to worry about your girls saying ” it has cooties!!!”

Check out more information on this auction here! 

Stay tuned for more great auctions!!

Aug 04 2016

Great auction finds and tips to liven up your study!

Each week I bring you the best finds from auctions all across the country. Usually I find myself creating pretty, light and fresh (maybe a bit girly – guilty as charged!) designs for you, but this week’s auction gives me a chance to mix it up!

The auction this weekend takes place in Kingwood, TX and has rich furniture that’s perfect for a more formal or masculine look. Today’s trends seem to lean toward a more light and bright look, so don’t turn up your noses just yet! Adding a masculine touch to your home will create balance and will allow each room to have its own personality. I love walking into a home and seeing that there’s an overall “theme” but each room has its own personality. So, here we go! I’ve put together the perfect masculine home office that will even have the guys swooning!Kingwood, TX

I’ve paired together this great mahogany desk with this office chair that has a rugged suede backing with a leather seat and nail heads. I love this chair because of the way it mixes elements like wood, leather and suede. Did I mention that it’s very comfortable, too?

If your home office is large enough, place one or two comfy reading chairs toward the front of the room to create an inviting space – like this upholstered hunter green chair. Even though you may be spending long hours at work in this room, you want there to be a place to relax and unwind when you need to take a break. If you have accents in this room like built-ins or bookcases, paint them the same color as the walls to give it a more serene and sophisticated look. I love this color palette for a home office! Don’t be afraid to paint the whole room the darkest color I’ve suggested here. All of the other elements in the room will really pop with this color on the walls. You can also add a few sconces to the room in a brassy tone that will add the perfect amount of light to your office.

Have fun with this room and don’t be afraid of fun, bold accents like these curtains, pillows and lots of pattern!

Don’t miss out on this auction! Get all of the details here. 

Jul 04 2016

Design Tip: Accent Mirrors For Your Vanity

One design tip that I’ve been excited to share with you has to do with a room that often gets overlooked in the home when it comes to decor. That’s right, you guessed it! The Bathroom. We really don’t spend that much time in our bathrooms, but when you think about it, a bathroom is a key component to the home. What’s one of the main things you check on when buying or selling a home? The condition and overall look of  the bathroom.

My favorite design tip for your bathroom is to add a modern flare and use a statement mirror over your sink instead of the age-old frameless square or rectangular mirrors, or (dare I say) medicine cabinets. Yikes! By adding an accent mirror over your sink, you’ll be able to show your own personal style and modernize the space. Remember to keep it simple, but have fun with the shape, design, texture, and size!

Here are some of my favorite mirrors for bathrooms. You can use any of these in a single powder room, or the master bathroom with double vanity. Just remember to pick a style that you love – you’ll be looking back at yourself through it everyday!

This Levico Mirror from Restoration Hardware  just might be the winner in my book. This mirror can stand on its own and will fit into most any style home. It’s made out of reclaimed solid oak and has curves in all the right places. Did I mention that it’s on sale right now? Paint your powder room in this Van Deusen Blue by Benjamin Moore and this mirror will really pop!

levico mirror

Levico Mirror from Restoration Hardware ON SALE!

My next choice is this Paloma Round Mirror by Pottery Barn, which is also on sale! This mirror is perfect for a double vanity. Remember to hang the braided rope a little higher than normal so the mirror will be at eye-level. The length of these mirrors will give the appearance of higher ceilings, too. Sounds like a win-win to me! Keep it simple and paint your walls in White Dove by Benjamin Moore. Let the mirrors do all of the talking.


Paloma Round Mirror by Pottery Barn

Lastly, I’ve chosen this gorgeous Ablenay Mirror by Uttermost. This one is a show-stopper. It’s simple, yet classic. Traditional, yet modern. It’s forged metal frame has been brushed with antique gold. I can’t promise that this mirror will make you look good, but I CAN promise that this mirror will make your bathroom look good! I’m pairing this mirror with White Dove by Benjamin Moore as well.


Ablenay Mirror by Uttermost

Don’t forget that that model homes are one of the best places to find mirrors. Most model homes are decorated with decor that won’t reveal much about the who might be living there. Model homes will have decor pieces such as paintings, mirrors, canvases, etc. I’ve found some of the best mirrors in model homes!

Until next time!


Jun 22 2016

Welcome to the BAC Blog!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Builder’s Auction Company Design Blog. I’m so glad that you are here. My name is Katy South, and yes I am, in fact, from the South. I’ll be your guide for all things design through this blog. More about me later…but let me start by telling you why you should be paying close attention to Builder’s Auction Company (BAC).

BAC specializes in model home furnishing auctions across the United States. These homes are model homes that are fully furnished with slightly used furniture and decor. This is where the lightbulb goes off in your head. Now you’re wondering: “Where does this furniture all go whenever the model home is ready to be sold?” YOUR HOME, for an incredible price, that’s where!

Now YOU have the opportunity to have this furniture in your home at an incredible price with BAC! All you have to do is follow us on all of our social media outlets here and we’ll get you the details you need to find the next auction in your area!

Now, let me tell you about my design style. I am a dreamer, yet I am very practical. I understand that a good home needs to be functional, practical, but it should also make all your dreams come to life. Your home is your very own oasis. Where you decompress, dwell, and grow.headshot

Each week, I’ll be pairing together some of my favorite furnishings from upcoming auctions with suggestions like paint colors, fabrics, and other furnishings so you can achieve that look that you see on Pinterest, Houzz, or HGTV, but at the price point that you’ve always wanted!  I’m telling you. This is good stuff.

Stay tuned, I can’t wait to show you what we have in store.